The Pastoral Staff of ELIM Christian Fellowship carries out the spirit of the Bishop by assisting and meeting the needs of the church body through such functions as: baptism, weddings, funerals communion, baby dedications, preaching & teaching, spiritual guidance and counseling, and premarital and marital counseling. Other responsibilities include overseeing and providing leadership over specific ministries including but not limited to: women’s ministry, men’s ministry, youth ministry, prison ministry, prayer ministry, and praise and worship.

elders council

pastoral staff

The Elders Council of ELIM Christian Fellowship which consists of two separate components: the governing elders and the teaching elders are responsible for the overall operations of all ministries. Their function is to ensure that the mission and the vision of ELIM remain viable to the community and overall body of believers. Our elders serve in the spirit of the Bishop in excellence, with integrity and compassion in meeting the needs of the people.


Deacon Charles Walker, Sr., Chairman
Deacon Daytuan Antonetti
Deacon Albert Arlington
Deacon Douglas Armstrong Jr.
Deacon Errol Barnes
Deacon Ricky Barnes
Deacon Roland Bittles
Deacon Jerome Boyd
Deacon Clifford Braxton
Deacon Theodore Brinson
Deacon John Campfield
Deacon Larry Caver
Deaconess Renita F. Chapman
Deacon Robert Chapman
Deacon Ernest Copeland

Deacon John Elmore

Deacon Paul St. John
Deacon Elvis Stephens
Deacon John Stover
Deacon Mattie Thornton
Deacon Andrew Tyler
Deacon Barry Vaughn
Deacon Jerome Wright

Elder Elowese Addison

Elder Adah Albert              

Elder Alton Bowens

Elder Tarcia Brinson

Elder Clarence Brown

Elder Ben Cashaw

Elder Rodney Dockery

Elder Jimmie Goree

Elder Aundre Greene

Elder Lori Harrell

Elder Linda Hughes

Elder A. Renee Keith

Elder Herman Mack

Elder ErnestineRichardson 

Elder Renita Shadwick          

Elder Adrienne Stover        

Elder Darlene Turner

Elder Lannas Turner

Elder Sheritta Williams 

Min. Sheila Anthony

Min. Ekaete Bailey

Min. Lakeisha Barleston

Min. Tanya Brinson

Min. Donna Bryant

Min. Karlene Cervi

Min. Tina Coon

Min. Sabrina Crosby

Min. Francellia L. Fitzgerald

Min. Veronica Freeman

Min. Johnnie Funderburk

Min. Paula Graham

Min. Regina L. Green

Min. Tara Jabbaar-Gyambrah

Min. Pat Hayes

Min. Margaret Hamilton

Min. Timothy Hogues

Min. Shawn Jones

Min. Richard Keith

Min. Regina Levy

Min. Otu Obot

Min. Terrell Owens

Min. Vendyau Neville

Min. Otu Obot

Min. Valerie Redden

Min. Mia Richardson

Min. Bernadette Smith

Min. Jacqueline M Vinson

Min. Frederick Williams

Min. Paula Williams


Deacon Bruce Daniels
Deacon Al Davis
Deacon Willie Dunn
Deacon Sinclair Fabor
Deacon Kelly Funderburk
Deacon Edwin Geter
Deacon Timothy Hogues
Deacon Wylie B. Horton
Deacon Garfield Jones

Deaconess Cecilia Mapp

Deacon Thaddeus R. Mullen
Deacon Sam Murphy
Deacon Nixon

Deacon Larthonia Redden
Deacon David Richardson
Deacon Saki A. Saalam
Deacon Jerome Shadwick
Deacon Mark E. Smith
Deacon Paul St. John
Deacon Elvis Stephens
Deacon John Stover
Deaconess Mattie Thornton
Deacon Andrew Tyler
Deacon Barry Vaughn
Deacon Jerome Wright

The Diaconate Ministry of ELIM Christian Fellowship is under the leadership of the Bishop. They are ordained and set aside to minister to the needs of the families of the body of Christ. The Deacons and Deaconesses help to equip, enrich and empower the people to share the gospel and live an abundant life by assisting the Bishop, Pastors, and the Elders of the church in their ministerial roles and functions.

Assistant Pastor

Betty Williams

Pastoral Care

Associate Pastor

Jeri Boyland

Prayer & Concerns

Associate Pastor

Benjamin Cox

Associate Pastor

Charles McCarley

Youth Pastor

Associate Pastor

Clarke Reed

Christian Education

Associate Pastor

Sylvia Walker

Senior Concerns

Associate Pastor

Sheila Wallace

Women's Ministry