The 5 W's of Ministry

The Word ~ ECF believes that faith cannot be cultivated without the Word of God (Romans 10:17). The preaching of the Word is necessary for salvation.

The Witness ~ We are called to make disciples and help others follow and fall in love with Christ. We must be intentionally, socially and politically conscious when standing up and against all fear and/or injustice.

The Worship ~ Prayer: We are to pray without ceasing and cultivate a consistent and an intimate relationship with God.Praise: We should joyfully express our love, gratitude and honor to God. Our worship should be reflective, rewarding, relevant and rich. ECF believe in a liturgical order of worship which includes scripture reading, hymns, praise, prayer and proclamation.

The Way ~ The early believers in the first century church would often say they were "on the way," or they were "part of the way." The "way" had something to do with standards and principals. Jesus wants us to either choose the narrow way or follow God's way; His beliefs, concepts and truths. ECF believes in upholding the Biblical principles and standards of the Word of God. We want to do God's way.

The Wealth ~ ECF believes in economic stability and development. The blessings of the Lord make us rich. We should live well, whole and healthy.


Adjutant Corps Ministry

The Adjutant Corps Ministry “sanctifies the leader in the eyes of the people through acts of service, order and obedience that will allow the undershepard to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ without organizational distractions.” This program provides candidates with the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively serve the episcopacy by providing special and direct assistance to the Office of the Bishop, Senior Pastor, and their respective guest.

The Ushers/Greeters Ministry

Ensures all members and guests of ELIM are greeted warmly and seated comfortably during regular worship services. They help to maintain order and provide building and space intel.

The Safety Team Ministry

Protect and secure the Senior Pastor, ministry team and congregation as a whole from any type of disruption that would hinder the flow of the service, program or event.

The Nurse’s Ministry

Serves the church by being prepared for any potential healthcare issues or crisis that may occur during any given service or event. These persons are actual medical techs (i.e., RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s, etc…) with credentials to assist within limits.


The Worship and Fine Arts Ministry of ELIM Christian Fellowship is a diverse expression of praise and worship through dance, instruments, and voices; equipping and maturing the saints to exalt, establish and present a perfect praise of worship and glorify God. We believe excellence is never an accident; it is always the result of high intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; representing the wise choice of many alternatives. The Worship and Fine Arts Ministry seek worshippers to expand our worship experience. Our goal is to always give God excellence, which is our chief end, and to refresh the spirit of man. Ministries include:
The Youth Praise Team
The Levites (Adult) Praise Team
The Children’s Choir
The Youth & Young Adult Choir
The Gospel Choir
The Banner Ministry
The Dance Ministry
Health Ministry


The Health Ministry provides the Church and surrounding community with educational programs and information that educates, empower and promotes wellness; body, mind and soul. The Health Ministry includes The Fitness Academy which provides weekly exercise routines, nutritional and delicious recipes and motivational speaking to all participants for weight loss and healthy living.

Intercessors Prayer Ministry

The Intercessors Prayer Ministry are concerned Christians who share a common mission of bringing positive change through prayer and fasting. It exists to promote and facilitate cooperate prayer and fasting for revival among Christians, churches and other Christian organizations in support of world evangelization and the healing and spiritual transformation of communities, cities and nations.

Marriage Enrichment Ministry

The Marriage Enrichment Ministry is committed to providing the community of couples, led by God and deliberate in ministry with a safe environment of love and acceptance for couples to grow in oneness, through deep personal sharing, and transparency. We serve to promote God's plan for marriage, teach effective ways of communication, and provide tools and resources for improving relationships using practical and spiritual principles endorsing and encouraging healthy Christian marriages and families.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry goal is to disciple men to become the soldiers and servant leaders God designed them to be by personally seeking God in prayer, growing in God’s word, pursuing authentic relationships, and committing to Christ’s authority in. their home, church, career and community. We seek to inspire, equip, and mobilize men for vital, passionate, and Christ-centered living and evangelism

Senior Care Ministry

The Senior Care Ministry provides services, activities and programming specifically designed to minister to the needs of our senior citizens of both the church and the surrounding community. The Ministry works with seniors to bring them into the family of God while developing and presenting various activities that are beneficial, rewarding and entertaining to improve their quality of life.

Women of Captivation Women’s Ministry

The Women of Captivation Women’s Ministry enables women to live successful lives by maximizing their God given gifts through the study of the Word and the promotion of fellowship among other women. Women Ministries include:

E.S.T.H.E.R. Project
Empowers women to have enriching relationships, provides a healthy and safe environment for women to heal and be nurtured.

The Priscilla's Enterprise
Provides leadership development and mentoring for adult women.

The Pearls of Purpose

This ministry seeks to restore young adult women to their rightful perceptions of how they see themselves using the word of God. Together we will practice biblical principles creating to maintain healthy attitudes based on the Lord’s concept for His daughters as it relate to our total being: body, mind, spirit and soul.


Pastoral Care Ministry

The Pastoral Care Ministry provides comprehensive and specialized pastoral care for the sick and bereavement support to members of the congregation and the surrounding community.

Wounded Healers Ministry

The Wounded Healers Ministry provides spiritual and practical support for persons in recovery from substance abuse and addictive behaviors. We minister to those struggling with addiction, co-dependency and/or abuse (physical, emotional, sexual) as a result of family or social issues.

Discipleship and Evangelism Ministry

The Discipleship and Evangelism Ministry creates a hunger and thirst for God’s word in new and potential followers by teaching the basic tenets and principles of the Christian faith, while equipping them to spread the gospel and do the work of Jesus Christ.

Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry is committed to rebuilding and restoring the lives of the incarcerated and helping them make a positive transition back into mainstream society.