The Generation N.O.W. Youth and Young Adult Ministry of ELIM Christian Fellowship assists our youth and young adults to develop a lifestyle that captures the heart of God, by presenting practical spiritual principles in creative ways. We provide an atmosphere conducive to learning that promotes academic and spiritual development; establish a place of praise, worship, and prayer that attracts urban youth; provide and atmosphere that encourages them to passionately purse God; equip young people to minister and share the gospel of Jesus Christ; and prepare them to use the Word of God as their foundation for handling life issues.

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry also provides an atmosphere of love, acceptance, support and encouragement. By walking alongside them daily through events, activities, programs and services designed specifically to meet their needs. The youth and young adult workers, teachers, and preachers will persistently attempt to ignite the greatness that God has placed in our youth. We will ensure that each child remains linked with the vision of ELIM Christian Fellowship, by being integrated into every aspect of the move of God and the life of the church.

Each aspect of this ministry will with intentionality involve parents, our church, and the community in the holistic growth process of each young person. The Generation N.O.W. Youth and young Adult Ministry consists of:

The Nursery Ministry

Cultivates and guide young hands, 1 to 6 years old, that are destined for greatness with integrity and love within a multi-cultural, bible based, spirit filled environment, providing an atmosphere conducive to learning which promotes academic, spiritual and child developmental stages.

The Children’s Ministry

Teach 2nd to 6th grade children about the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ in a manner that children can relate and understand using song, dance, the Bible, games and drama.

The Youth (Teen) Ministry

Assist young people 13 to 18 years old to develop a love for the Word of God, to establish a consistent prayer life, to elevate their level of praise and worship, and to evangelize families, friend, communities, and the world by applying biblical principles to their daily lives.

The Athletics Ministry

Help its participants to reach their full potential by using sports (i.e. basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, etc…) as a vehicle to establish real relationships that address issues plaguing urban youth and their families. The goal is to promote strong families through the use of sports.

The Girls 2 Women / Boyz 2 Men Ministry / Girls of Grace

Provides a supportive relationship that reach youth, 9 to 18 years old through mentors; equipping them to make positive decisions, through character building (self-esteem, confidence, and leadership), goal setting (career planning, high school preparation and enrollment options, college planning, etc.), and life skills, as well as empowering them to build meaningful and productive lives. This mentoring program provides young men and women with the proficiency and desire to put life issues and problems in perspective as they learn and improve their life and social skills. Ultimately, these ministries will equip the participants to become responsible leaders, parents, students, and citizens.

Rites of Passage

This ministry is designed to prepare youth for the transition from adolescents into responsible adulthood through the use of biblical principles, cultural realities and an appreciation of cultural heritage.